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The key to achieving lasting ABM results?

Get Sales involved early.

Campaign Strategy  
An often-missed opportunity is inviting Sales to campaign strategy discussions. Your Sales team is on the ground with these accounts. They’re talking to them and know the type of messaging that best resonates. Sales can provide key insights that will make your ad copy stronger and generate better results.

Interested in learning more? Your CSM will reach out. 

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Your CSM will also help Sales understand the Jabmo Battlecards that will be coming their way and how to best use them to set meetings and close deals. 

By Tav Tepfer, CCO | November 12, 2021

Target Account Selection  
Even better than that, they are a fantastic, often untapped, resource for identifying potential Target Accounts. Selecting Target Accounts when they’re in the right stage of their Buying Cycle is critical and often no one knows that information better than sales.  
If you already have a LinkedIn or Facebook ABM campaign with us, you know that we’re able to surface names and contact information of users that have reacted to or shared your ad. Passing that information over to Sales right away means that they’re able to jump on it quickly when the user is most interested.  
The Jabmo dashboard that holds your data can be valuable to your Sales team, as well. Not only are we able to provide details about individual Target Account’s engagement, but we can share those details about every company that is visiting your website. This means that your Sales team can use the Jabmo dashboard as a resource to surface locations most interested in your business and drill down into what products they specifically care about.   
If Sales didn’t join your kickoff call, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a 1:1 session with key members of your sales team.  

Your CSM will walk them through how to use the dashboard in a way that Sales will find beneficial and suggest potential dashboard customizations to better aid their workflow.  

Those customizations include Account or Geographical filters for each Sales rep and identifying separate Key Account lists that align with their portfolios, as well as setting up personalized email sales alerts.